Treatment of degenerative problems in the spine and the associated pain and symptoms starts with a comprehensive individual consultation and diagnosis of what is causing the symptoms. It is very important for us that patients should be able to understand their problems. After this, patients are informed about all the possible options available for their specific problem, focusing on the possible disadvantages, risks, and adverse events associated with each option, as well as on the advantages, chances and opportunities of each. We then identify the best option and solution for each individual patient, together with his or her family. Our recommendations are based on the latest scientific knowledge and data.

Pathologies resulting from spinal degeneration include disk degeneration, disk prolapse, spinal stenosis, osteochondrosis, spondylarthritis, degenerative instability, sacroiliac joint arthritis, Bertolotti syndrome, and degenerative deformities.

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If surgery is required, we can offer every type of modern spinal operation and surgical technique in our new operating theaters, with a highly experienced team of spine surgeons, anesthesiologists, physician assistants, nurses, and staff. The range of degenerative spine operations available covers microsurgical decompression, rigid and dynamic instrumentation of short and long spinal areas including deformity correction if necessary, disk arthroplasty, radiofrequency denervation, neuromodulation, and many more techniques.

If in-patient multimodal pain treatment is decided on, it is provided in the Blankenstein Clinic in Hattingen. This type of very intensive pain therapy involves the interdisciplinary treatment of patients by a team of orthopedic pain specialists, anesthesiology pain specialists, psychologists, physiotherapists, physician assistants, occupational therapists, nurses, and others.